Adult Party: Engagement Brunch

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Vendor Team

Charles Hadley Park and Recreation
Chantzz Photography
Planner/Event Designer
L.S.J. Events
L.S.J. Events
Dee Decoration
Km Props and Events
Chef Julian

What was the reason for the celebration?
This celebration was the first step to happily ever after. This engagement brunch also served as a way to ask our family and friends to be a part of our wedding party. Every attendee was invited with the purpose of presenting then with a custom box invite created by the bride to be, Arneshia.

What is something fun you remembered either about the process or the big day?
What was fun about the process of planning the bridal brunch was allowing Latavia (LSJEvents) creative juices to flow and create. Jason and I both elaborated on the things we wanted and liked during the process. The build up anticipation and curiosity of how the overall look would turn out was the memoir of the bridal brunch.

Anything super unique about the big day?
The event itself was overall unique. It was not your average bridal proposal brunch that you see in the social media world. Jason and I did not want the average. We wanted an event that was going to catch everyone’s attention.

Any tips you would share with others planning an event?
The main tip when planning an event is “DO NOT STRESS!” We can honestly say that having Latavia (LSJEvents) as my planner was the best decision we made. Not once did we question her judgment or decision. She’s the best at what she does.

What was your planning experience like?
Absolutely hire a planner. Our planning experience was stress-free and hands-on. We initially were going to hire a well-known party planner in the Miami/Broward area, but after more research and comparison we wanted an event that was going to represent us. Latavia was perfect for us. After having several meetings and phone conferences, it was that relief of “Okay, she gets us!”.

The Location
Originally, Jason and I chose the Omega Center in the Opa-Locka area of Miami, but it’s wasn’t what we were looking for. Latavia actually suggested looking at some of the City of Miami Parks. We called around and we finally came across Charles Hadley Park & Recreational Center black room. We were both turned off about the room because it has mirrors on the walls and retractable bleachers. After hearing Latavia talk out about the room, we put our faith and trust in her in regards to getting our park permit for the room.

The Fashion
How did you pick your event day outfit?
Our outfits and color we’re pick based on the color palette of the event. We didn’t want to do any colors that wouldn’t look good in pictures so we went with baby blue along with Latavia’s suggestion of having the bridal party dress in any shade of blue or denim.

What inspired your theme/style?
This design was a union of rustic meets spring. After speaking with my bride to be Arneshia, she expressed how much she loves flowers, especially during the spring. Her eyes light up as she spoke about all the beautiful colors seen in the spring. The color hues of purple, pink, coral, greenery, gold, and fuschia were used. I chose a variety of wildflower coupled with beautiful yet uniquely spread roses to create a flowing centerpiece. Thus, bringing the outdoors in. The all-black room, as its named, provided an ambiance of dining at night.

Our bridal party were each presented with a box asking them to be apart of our special day. I asked my fiancé, Jason, what were his ideas in regards to how he wanted his best men and groomsmen boxes to look. I started showing him some ideas on Pinterest and he specifically said he wanted the boxes to give a suit & tie look. My fiancé knows that I’m very creative and like to step outside of the box. For my maid of honors and bridesmaids, this is where I really didn’t want the same boxes you see on social media or Pinterest. I really wanted a box the represented uniqueness and class. The first thought that came to mind were acrylic boxes. I googled and came across clear storage boxes, which were perfect.