posted on November 6, 2018

Birthday Bash: Joy’s 40th Birthday Celebration

Joy Mobley celebrated her 40th birthday in style at Eastwood Manor in New York. Toni Antrobus of Herkreations was on a mission to make this event a night to remember for Joy, and she succeeded in more ways than one.

We sat down with Antrobus and Mobley to get more details on the occasion.

What is something fun you remembered either about the process or the big day?
This event wasn’t only about celebrating Joy’s 40th birthday. It was about celebrating a transformation that would allow her to come out of her shell and spread they Joy that she often hides inside. To see this come to fruition was most exuberating when she made her grand entrance. Watching Joy smile from cheek to cheek as she entered the room meant that my job was done.

Anything super unique about the big day?
The day was filled with many unique and exciting elements. However my favorite part was when Joy opened up and danced with her guest while listening to her favorite artist Jeff Redd sing some of her favorite hits.

Any tips you would share with others planning an event?
As an event planner, you always want to stay ten steps ahead. I always have an emergency tool kit that is loaded with items such as pins, fishing line, screws, tape, glue, gloves, candles etc. Along with that, I wear my fanny pack with my most commonly used items so I have them on me at all times. Another essential part to planning an event is having your assistant know the play book from start to finish. Anything can happen the day of the event and you always want to be prepared.

Mobley recalls her birthday celebration being nothing short of amazing.

What was your planning experience like?

I hired Herkreationz to handle my entire party from decorations to entertainment. I had no idea what I wanted I just knew I wanted my night to be amazing, and Toni went above and beyond to create the most memorable moments of my life. I still cant believe with one consultation she was able to create such an amazing night. My friends are still talking about it, she even flew in my favorite artist Jeff Redd to perform for me and my guests.

Why did you choose the Location?
I held my party at Eastwood Manor because it represented the classy upscale environment that I was looking for. I loved the open floor plan and I knew that it would complament the design plan that was selcted.

What menu items did you serve?
My menu was a mix of soul food and Caribbean cuisine my two favorite types of food.

How did you come up with your event day playlist?
The music playlist was created with a mix of old school hip hop and R&B. I wanted the night to start from the 80s and work its way up to current highlights.

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