Engagement Session: Genene and Janell

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How did you all meet?
We met in August 2014 at North Carolina A&T State University in graduate school. Janell and I were both seated in an overcrowded class. The professor called the roll and advised, “if I did not call your name, you have been moved to the other section of this class”. Janell and I were two out of four students moved into the other class. Little did we know, we would be in four out of six classes together our first year of graduate school. We were forced to interact with one another due to various assignments, group projects, and presentations. Throughout the matriculation of the program we developed a friendship. We kept in touch, checked in with each other, and would speak in passing. In December 2017, we both graduated with our M.S. in Counseling. Shortly after graduation we went on our first date. I did not know this was a date; we were just supposed to be two friends celebrating graduation, but clearly Janell had other intentions.

Tell us about the perfect proposal:
On July 14, 2019, we headed out to run a few errands. I was behind the wheel stopped at a traffic light and Janell abruptly asked me, “how fast can you switch seats?” I looked at her and said, “fast”. We both jumped out at the light and switched seats. Janell randomly took me to Lake Norman State Park, where we both had never been. We walked to the pier and decided to walk the trails also. We were looking at the many different animal information plaques throughout the park. Then we got to the lake area where the different breeds of fish were listed. Janell asked, “What kind of fish are in there?” I walked ahead of her to go look and when I turned around she was down on her knee with the ring in her hand. In complete shock, I said, “yes” to spending the rest of my life with her.

For the engagement session, why did you pick the location that you choose? Did anyone help you in selecting the location?
We chose to have our engagement shoot at Proctor Hall on the campus of NC A&T State University because this is the building where we met. No one helped us select this location, we knew that’s where we wanted to go- back to our foundation.

How did you pull off the perfect look? Was there a theme?
Of course, we had to rock our school colors! That Blue and Gold (AGGIE PRIDE)!!!!

How is the planning going?
The planning is going well and we are having to make some tough decisions. But, definitely enjoying the ride. We are learning to navigate our indecisiveness while continuing to build as a team and remain on the same page.

Any vendors making the process a breeze?
Our amazing wedding planner Emore’ Campbell of Emore’ Campbell Events is making this process a breeze. Without her on our team, I am not sure where we would be in this process. She is on her A-game and makes sure everyone else we hire/ work with is also on their game! Hands down our best decision in this process thus far!

What is the biggest thing you are looking forward too on the day of? I am looking forward to walking down the aisle to the woman of my dreams and sharing my vows in front of our family and friends. There is nothing like expressing your feelings to the love of your life for everyone to hear and being surrounded by genuine support and happiness.

And for fun, where will you display your engagement pics in your home/office?
On every wall in every room! 🙂