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B Collective Magazine Unveils Fourth Collection to Inspire and Empower

ATLANTA, GA – On the heels of a legendary award show honoring the best of the best in the event planning industry, The B Collective is once again laying the footprint for the latest trends in weddings and celebrations around the world. The Fourth Collection of The B Collective magazine was released this week and includes breathtaking images on how love is being celebrated in a millennial world, as well as a look into the growing event industry that now includes over the top events that go well beyond just weddings. 

“As the world pauses to come together and combat Covid-19 what better time to unveil a collection of beautiful celebrations to inspire and empower others of the beauty of celebrating life’s most treasured events,” said magazine editor Eliana Baucicault. “It is my hope that the stories that lie within this issue will not only inspire, but challenge people to always look for a reason to celebrate at every stage of their life.” 

The art that exists within the pages of The B Collective Magazine surpasses what the viewer sees on each spread. Through The B Collective, Eliana Baucicault, party planner of ellyB Events, has created

a diverse network that allows event professionals of color to build new relationships as they look to expand their services. Many have said this publication can even be used as a study guide as they learn

how to make their mark in an ever-growing world.

“What’s so unique about this issue is evolution of those showcased within our pages. Our cover models, actor Devale Ellis and his wife Khadeeniam, have actually had their own events published in previous collections of the magazine, and this year their vow renewal is front and center,” Eliana said. “I love that our magazine is a reflection of moments such as that. As our reader’s lives evolve so does our content, and we’re right there with them along the way to capture and celebrate some of life’s biggest events.”

About The B Collective Magazine

The B Collective Magazine is a superior 300-page publication that is changing the landscape of traditional print media content. Not only does each spread highlight diverse weddings and event professionals, the magazine also features celebrations rarely showcased on stands around the country. The B Collective Magazine is for more than just a bride-to-be planning her big day it’s for any person celebrating milestone occasions hoping to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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