Hencha's Baby Shower is "Tutu" Cute!

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Born to be wild with a touch of class! This event is a glamorous and modern take on an animal themed baby shower.

Decked out in shades of pink, white and gold, Hencha’s baby shower was just “tutu” cute! The elegant affair featured stuffed baby animals dressed in tutus. A fitting touch since the mom-to-be spent much of her childhood taking ballet classes. Hencha enlisted the help of a planner to execute the vision for the baby shower.

What is something fun you remembered either about the process or the big day?

Aside from dressing up the animals in tutus, designing the dessert room was really fun and we felt this was our gem. Hencha’s shower was three separate rooms in one venue. The first being the main room where guests dined and enjoyed the photobooth. As guests continued to walk they made their way to the food and bar area to enjoy signature libations and savory Haitian food. Lastly they ended in the sweets room. The idea for this room was to be as dreamy as possible with shades of pink. The gorgeous balloon garland, which wrapped the dessert display, certainly achieved this look.

What inspired your party style?

Our client wanted an animals in tutus theme (but not quite safari). She wanted a more elegant touch more like being in the ballet.

Describe the desserts.

The details of the desserts were all inspired by her animals in tutus theme. From the cake pops discreetly disguised as lions, elephants and more, to the chocolate covered apples topped with animals in tutus. And of course the lovely macaroon tower with pretty pink animals, other cakepops in the form of ballet shoes en pointe and lastly the cake topped with a cute elephant dressed in her tutu.

Any other memorable moments of the day?
Being that Hencha is of Haitian decent, her family wanted to incorporate as many items from the Haitian culture as possible. From the food to the favors to the drink stirrers, we added this flair to those details. You’ll see the favor glass jars which were filled with homemade Haitian jam called Confiture. This was homemade by her mom and family.