Kid’s Party: Curious George

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What was the reason for the celebration?
She is turning one in January so before the big celebration we wanted to have a cake smash session with only her.


What is something fun you remembered either about the process or the big day?
I remember my daughter being so curious that she went behind the scenes of the cake smash to mess with the props. It was absolutely adorable.


Anything super unique about the big day?
I wanted her to have a unique theme. I thought about her favorite things and knew that Curious George was perfect. Typically, girls don’t wear red but I wanted this cake smash to really show her personality and how much she loves Curious George. She has been jamming to their theme song since she was six months. This was also her first time eating cake and seeing balloons.


Any tips you would share with others planning an event?
I would advise others planning a cake smash session to just have fun. We had everything planned out but honestly, my daughter was the one running the show and she had fun. The pictures turned out great!


What was your planning experience like?
I worked with This Love Weddings to make sure that everything looked great!


The Location
We picked a studio space for the cake smash session.

The Fashion
How did you pick your event day outfit?
I wanted two different styles. I picked a yellow velvet dress with red velvet shoes and a red bow. The colors popped really well. I also found a red tutu and then paired it with a red and gold 1st birthday romper with gold shoes.

Your Event Style
What inspired your theme/style?
Since it was a Curious George theme we made sure to showcase the red and yellow with a hint of blue. We wanted to be unique but also keep the Curious George vibe.

Party Details
Describe your cake/desserts.
It was a marble cake with red, blue and yellow icing with a “One” cake topper. The cake was real and our daughter was very pleased.