Kid’s Party: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Vendor Team

Shelton Recreation & Community Center
Danni Davinchi
N’Chantment Events LLC
N’Chantment Events LLC
Dress Designer
Itty Bitty Toes
Lexi Kay Paperie
Evolution Event Rentals
Lovely Layers
Edible Cupcake Toppers
Snob Creationz
Sugar Cookies
Urbane Sugar
N’Chantment Events LLC
Blue Balloon Parties
Custom Treat Sticks
Party Presentation

What was the reason for the celebration?
This was a celebration for our little girl’s very first birthday.

What is something fun you remembered either about the process or the big day?
I remembered the moment our hired unicorn character walked into the room and I saw the faces of all the children and even some of the adults light up! The moment was so magical and fun!

Anything super unique about the big day?
I wanted the day to be whimsical, yet sleek and sophisticated so the centerpieces had to convey this. I used oversized pastel mylar balloons to bring in the whimsy while adding fresh white hydrangeas that emulated clouds to give the touch of elegance and sophistication that I was going for.

Any tips you would share with others planning an event?
Always trust the process and be as creative as your heart desires. Be precise with your ideas and keep the design clean. I’ve learned that sometimes less is more when you have just the right amount of details.

What was your planning experience like?
Once I knew how I wanted my guests to feel then the planning process was smooth. I wanted the atmosphere to be peaceful, magical, and simplistic so I approached the planning process from that angle. I happen to be a Certified Event Planner & Designer so I guess you can say I hired myself.

The Location
The venue was the Multipurpose Room at Shelton Recreation & Community Center. I chose this location because it truly is a blank canvas that allows for your imagination to run wild.

The Fashion
How did you pick your event day outfit?
Her birthday outfit was a no brainer. I knew I would be able to find something that was absolutely gorgeous when I started cyber shopping at Itty Bitty Toes. I found the most beautiful tutu dress that I coined “perfectly pastel”. I paired the dress with the most adorable unicorn shoes and added white tights.

What inspired your theme/style?
I immediately knew the theme for her party as I sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” to my little girl every time I put her to bed. However, I didn’t want to go the traditional route and do a Wizard of Oz design instead I stayed true to the words of the song and recreated the details from the lyrics. I wanted my guests to feel like they were high above the chimney tops, amidst the clouds, where bluebirds fly and troubles melt like lemon drops! So I took a clean white with pastel rainbow approach for the design.

Party Details
What inspired your party style?
The song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” completely inspired my party style. I knew I wanted something unique for the centerpieces. For the adult guest tables, I used oversized pastel mylar balloons to create a whimsical and kid-friendly centerpiece while adding fresh white hydrangeas that emulated fluffy white clouds. As for the kid’s tables, I used white hydrangeas to create plush fluffy white clouds and added details such as tiny little bluebirds within the florals.

Describe your cake/desserts.
The Birthday cake and the desserts were some of the highlights of the event. The cake was a three-tiered cake with two of the tiers sitting on top of an edible pastel rainbow, topped with a cute edible baby unicorn sitting on a bed of clouds. I sketched my idea for Antoinette at Lovely Layers and the masterpiece she was able to create left me speechless! It was not only beautiful but it was very delicious as well. The cupcakes also stole the show as they featured the cutest edible baby unicorns sitting on top of fluffy buttercream clouds. There were also cloud-shaped Rice Krispy Treat Pops that were embellished with iridescent acrylic Treat sticks. You could find everything to satisfy your sweet tooth at the Candy Cart from fruity pebble macaroons, custom sugar cookies to candy jars filled with Sugarfina luxury candy and even lemon drops!

There were so many special goodies and gifts that were given in the oversized favor boxes I custom made. From unicorn-shaped sticker/sketchbooks with unicorn crayons, organic playdough, cotton candy tubs, Cloud & Rainbow shaped LED night light, bubbles, and Sugarfina Cereal bars to name a few items. I also had acrylic Keepsake boxes made and engraved with the quote, “Believe in Magic”. Those were filled with cloud-shaped bath bombs along with body butters that were labeled, “ Unicorns are Real”.