Parties: Melisa’s Birthday Pool Party

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Vendor Team

Avana Cypress Creek
Flowers by Sandra
Event Planner
Lux Lifestyle Event
Stylez by B
U Alexander Beauty Bar
PaperlessPost /Kate Spade
Cj Party Rental’s
Lux Cakery
Dj Dady Phatts

This was a birthday celebration for our Ceo/Founder Melisa Brown of Lux Lifestyle Event. This was her 36th birthday celebration that was true to our hearts to treat her on this day.

What is something fun you remembered either about the process or the big day?
Melisa missed her friends and family who lived in New York and she was sad that they wouldn’t make the day.. well she was wrong.. All of her friends flew in the night before even her sister… she was extremely surprised that they all came down to celebrate with her.. On the day of the party Melisa had no clue of decor or what was taking place. She was blown away as to the transformation of her pool area..
Anything super unique about the big day?
This celebration was very unique each one of our vendor decided to participate in the planning process. Each vendor wanted to share there appreciation to our ceo in there own way..
florist – Flowers by Sandra did an amazing job with the floral decor it was like a mini wedding celebration as she describes it.
Cake – Lux Cakery what can I say Myriam Charles also known as Mimi.. made Melisa cake to match her invitation to the T.. it was so amazing her guests loved it and so did she…

Lux Team – As always did our thing we made sure to represent Melisa style and unique personality in her decor vision..
Any tips you would share with others planning an event?
When planning an event for a client or family or friend it is always best to keep an open line of communication with all parties involved.. make sure everyone is on the same page and you and your team have organized the planning process to the T.
The Basics
What was your planning experience like?
We planned the event here at Lux Lifestyle Event and worked with our vendors
The Location
Location was at our Ceo residence it was the perfect setting for her Day party Theme..
The Fashion
How did you pick your event day outfit?
My outfit was based on the theme and colors it was a day party theme with shades of pink and greenery.. perfect enchanted garden pool side day party.. You Event Style
What inspired your theme/style?
She wanted a day party…it reminded her of her New York weekend day party and she said I want a day party very garden chic with different shades of pink south beach style by my pool.. the setting was perfect it was already a south beach pool area look so all we needed was the added theme decor and we did just that..
Party Details
What inspired your party style?
Flowers by Sandra took Melisa style and vision and the theme she wanted and surprised us all.. she put these amazing centerpiece together it was just breathtaking. Sandra Loves Melisa and she wanted her day to be a Mimi wedding that was the joke of the night
What menu items did you serve?
Melisa is from the Caribbean she is Jamaican so we had; Jerk chicken, Jerk pork, Curry goat, Oxtail, Fried fish, Rice & peas, Mac & cheese and we had some American appetizers
But the food was amazing nothing left untouched
Describe your cake/desserts.
Melisa cake was from her favorite Lux Cakery chef Myriam Charles.. the cake was the exact image of Melisa’s invitation the cake flavors were Melisa favorite.. Vanilla Rum, Hennessy, & Bailey’s cake it was hands down amazing along with the shot macaroons perfection.
How did you come up with your event day playlist?
Playlist was put together by Melisa partner who love music old school and worked with there DJ … Dj Daddy Phatts
Favors were small macaroons Melisa’s favorite she had such a great experience on her travels to Paris with the most amazing macaroons that she is just stuck on them every since and lux cakery made some amazing ones