Real Event: Toronto's Black Diamond Ball

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Toronto’s Black Diamond Ball draws hundreds of entertainers, business and community leaders from all over the region to celebrate black excellence during Black History Month. For the third annual event, In My Elyment was charged with planning and designing the entire affair, and it was surely one for the books!

Was there anything super unique or fun about the shoot?
The sweets tables ended up being quite unique because I couldn’t expose any of the candy so all had to be pre-packaged adding an element of complexity to the design. Faced with the challenge, I decided to turn the design into two non-traditional sweets tables with a heavy infusion of flowers inserted throughout. The 1000 candies were packaged into gorgeous velour drawstring bags and handed out to the guests as a little surprise. They absolutely loved it!

How were the fashion details chosen?
The inspiration came from the stunning extra large paper flowers on stands that caught my eye while scrolling through Instagram one day. I immediately reached out to Jacqueline from Forever In Bloom and asked if she would be willing to come onboard and from there, the design slowly came to life. An additional visit to my friend Lisa from Glamorous Affairs Inc. sealed the deal as I gathered some vintage rental items and scooped up the vanity from her one of a kind warehouse. Bit by bit, it all came together on the day and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome.