Real Weddings: Roxann and Carl

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Roxann and Carl Sutherland’s passion for helping people first brought them together. They found love at a hospital. Roxann was a student working on becoming a physician’s assistant and Carl was already working as one.

“The chemistry between us was unreal,” said Roxann. “We just had so much fun together. Throughout the many ups and downs through the years and having kids, our chemistry is just as magnetic.”

That bond was made official on 11.11. – 11 years after they first met. With a wedding date like that, they are sure to have positive vibes surrounding their marriage! Here is a little about what the bride had to say about her big day.

Was there anything unique about the big day?
We both had parents that passed away before wedding. My dad passed away a year before the wedding and his mom passed away two months before. So, for the father/daughter mother/son dance, we just switched it up. He danced with our daughter and I danced with my son.

Why did you pick your wedding venue?
We saw several venues but Chateau Briand was just so beautiful without being over the top. It was fresh and modern while still displaying an abundance of elegance.

What inspired your theme/style?
I knew I wanted to be married in the fall. It’s my absolute favorite time of year. I wanted rich color so I chose burgundy with the slightest touch of fuchsia. My theme was ‘infinity’. My kids and I made up a way to say I love you even when we can’t use words and it’s something we always always say to each other or ‘sign’ to each other. Hubby caught on later with it. So my invites, menus, cake topper had the infinity symbol and I incorporated burgundy velvet where I could.

Are there any tips you would share with other couples getting married?
Communication and compromise is key.