Save Events: An Open Love Letter During Covid 19 from Event Experts

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Vendor Team

As event media platform, we are all so concerned for everyone that had to reschedule a celebration but also for all of those that make a living helping celebrants achieve their milestone occasions. We are asking during these trying times, do not cancel your event, please postpone. There is still so much to celebrate and these dream makers are here and ready to make your dreams happen as soon as they are able. Below you will hear from the top industry professionals give you some tips and words of encouragement to get us through:

Please keep calm, trouble Don’t last always. Please allow me to do the job you paid me for. We’ll get thru this together!
Kidada Miller

Love is infinite. Postponing the biggest celebration of your life doesn’t quantify your love. Take this time to continue building towards the “marriage” of your dreams, it’s priceless.
We will get through this together, love always wins!

It is ok to feel frustrated and disappointed. Although you may have to postpone your Wedding think of this additional time as time to better prepare for an amazing celebration to come.
Tanisha Lee

We will figure this out together, I am here for you and we have a team of stellar vendors who are all willing to work with you in the event of postponement! 

Christy Record

We will get through this together! Your safety is my priority! Imagine how you will celebrate once this is over.

Lillian Worrell

We will get through this. Love never fails.
Cassandra Harlequin

Postpone, don’t cancel your wedding. It can be hard to think past 2-3 months, but hotels, venues, meeting spaces, and your selected wedding professionals are working hard on your behalf. We will navigate you through this time and will ensure that we are making the best decisions for you, as a couple and a family.

Keisha Scott

As your professional consultant, I would advise not to cancel your wedding but to reschedule. I will be there every step of the way, helping you get through this. We will get through it together. I can help you more if you reschedule versus canceling your wedding.

Tanza Perry-Cooper

Elegant Events would like to take this time to say that we know you are going through a difficult time as we all are we are so sorry for any inconvenience that this situation has caused you. We thank you for trusting us enough to reschedule your event with us. We assure you that we will work with you in any way to see your event through with your rescheduled date and we will still give you the best service you deserve. 

Carolyn Jones

We will figure this out together, I am here for you and we have a team of great vendors who are all willing to work with you in the event of postponement!

Terri Gooch Neely

I know, I know this wasn’t in the plans. Take a moment to cry, yell, scream. Have all the feels. Now let’s look at this logically and start with contacting the venue for dates and triple checking with ALL your Vendors to see if any of the dates match. We will then evaluate all the data and make a sound decision.

Irene Tyndale

Trust the vendors you have vetted and acquired to support you. Have faith in their professionalism to get you through this process. We are here to do the work.
Krystal Riddle

Covesa Kelly Keep your family out of it and trust the professionals you’ve paid!

Some of the biggest companies began during the worst economic times. Every adversity brings opportunity and innovation to those who look for it.
Maria Bayer Gauer

This too shall pass but the industry will come back better and stronger than before. During this time we are working on making your postponed event even more spectacular than previously planned.
Nadia Lewis

Breathe and Plan on! Trust your vendors team to work for you.
Krystal Logan

Definitely do not cancel, rather postpone or re-schedule. You deserve YOUR wedding. You hired great vendors that are experts in their crafts and are willing to work with you. We will prevail and get through this together…
Anthony LaMothe

I understand your frustration and I’m ready to work with you so let’s discuss further and we can look into postponing instead of cancelling.

Natalie John

Aren’t you glad you hired a planner? Imagine if you had to go through this alone! It’s completely normal to be sad, angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions, then dust yourself off. You got this! I’ll be right by your side to put all the pieces together. You WILL have a beautiful wedding.
Victoria Lartey-Williams

Don’t worry! There is a solution to every issue. This is exactly why I am here to guide you through. We will work through this together. We can postpone and not cancel. You are not alone.

Carrie Hicks

I understand your frustration and understand your emotions are racing. This whole thing is a complete mess but we’ll figure this all out together. Let’s talk about postponing your event and what that means to you!

Zandra Bailey
Boulevard Events | Boulevard Weddings

Take this time to reconnect with you partner and enjoy the silence and time off . Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming and we often get distracted by the ‘’noise’’ (family, friends, invoices) and forget about the reason for the entire
celebration ‘’US’’.
Darryl Moore

Although canceling may seem like the easy fix I’d say postpone because completely doing away with the event sometimes can result in venue/vendor’s fees going up based on how far out you want to rescheduling or they may end up being booked. Postponing the event(s) would at least ensure having vendors/venue that you’ve already locked in at a certain price & gotten accustomed to instead of starting all over again. Please trust the people(professionals) you’ve hired to execute your vision. Most importantly….. DON’T WORRY/STRESS but instead let us do that because that’s why you hired us.
Robinson Joseph

I will manage this for you and follow up with answers and alternatives. This is why you hired me. This celebration will be more special than before.

Cheri Denise

We are here to support you at this time to diffuse any confusion & scheduling conflicts. Our goal is to stay prepared and proactive as your wedding planning team. We have the full planning team creating contingency plans, contacting your current vendors/venues, and guests in an effort to be prepared.
Alicia Mae

Although this is a challenging and frustrating time, please know that trouble won’t last always. We have your best interests at heart and are working diligently to make sure your wedding day will be just as amazing as we’ve always planned. Use this time to enjoy planning for your marriage and we’ll continue to take care of your special event.

Jan Hill

The people that will make the effort to come to your weekend event will still make the effort to come to a weekday event. Love isn’t limited to a specific calendar day/date.

Camille Plummer

The Planning Starts NOW! Planning your dream event can be difficult enough and added stressors amongst us do not help! But that’s what we are here for… Future events or postponed, Let’s make your dream event happen! “Events Made Simply Elegant…”

Linda Frederique

Focus on your why. We have the unique opportunity to pause, refocus and reflect on the purpose behind the planning. We will continue to cherish and celebrate life’s most precious moments, but now with a renewed sense of its true value.
~ B Carroll Events

As a planner I am here to advocate for you. Let’s get some options and move forward from there.

Jephney Maxleen Herring

All these unforeseen things that you can’t plan for are exactly why you hired a planner! I got you!! We’re going to take things one day at a time and it will all work out- I’m with you every step of the way and your day is going to be just as memorable and beautiful as we’ve been planning all along! I promise.

Sending you both a virtual hug! -Oniki

Oh Niki Occasions

I told every one of my clients (corporate and social) — “When it comes to this situation, you couldn’t have a better wedding planner at your service. You are in excellent hands and I have your back.” (Which is crazy, because that’s not usually how I talk. — But, I understand and know risk and crisis management!)

Kawania Howerton Wooten

Howerton+Wooten Events