Styled Shoot: The Bold and The Beautiful

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The concept of this styled shoot actually came from dreams I had over a period of time. Each dream revealed a detail in some shape or form.

Theme, color palette?
The theme was The Bold and the Beautiful. The color palette was jewel tones.

Anything super unique or fun about the shoot?
One fun thing about the shoot is that all the vendors had a blast! Although it was a lot of work to bring this together, we all worked together as if we had known each other for years. In addition, the models for this shoot are not professional models but are a real-life couple and their chemistry is unmatched, in my humble opinion.

How were the fashion details chosen?
We wanted to go for a classic bride: one who would exude grace and elegance, while also maintaining a modern feel. Thus, for jewelry, the goal was to provide subtle yet intentional accents for the dress. We wanted our groom to complement both the bride & set, so we went with a smooth navy blue suit with burgundy details.

As for the woman behind the vision, Brandi Siggal, I envisioned looks that spoke to her identity as a businesswoman, astute & refined. We used both new & old pieces to create two looks—one bold look to accentuate the bridal shoot & another fun, flirty look for good measure. I carefully selected accessories & jewelry to ensure she commanded attention while also blending seamlessly with the set.