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Brooklyn, New York City based Wedding and Social Events Planning Company, JunePlumm Events has been planning and designing for over 12 years and counting. We believe what’s unique about YOU should be the foundation of your event. You should recognize it, believe it, be excited by it and most of all LOVE IT.
We thrive on turning our clients’ visions into a canvas of fond memories that last a lifetime and ensure we not only meet your expectations but also exceed them.
With a range of service offerings such as Event Management, Partial Planning, Premium Planning & Design and Consultations, JunePlumm Events caters to the individual or couple looking to revel in the moment and not in the details. Whether you are planning a grand affair or hosting an intimate soiree, we will design
the event, 
manage the details and execute the vision to ensure your day is about the memories and 
not the stress.
So let’s get acquainted, and get started on planning and designing a fabulous experience for you and your guests.

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Meet our Company Owner

Camille Plummer

Camille Plummer, that’s me, Certified Event Planner and an official sap founded JunePlumm Events, a Brooklyn, New York based Wedding and Event Planning Company, in 2008. Not to change the game, but to play the game differently. Why? I believe what’s unique about YOU should be the foundation for your event. You should recognize it, believe it, be excited by it and most of all, LOVE IT. So let’s get acquainted, and get started on designing a Fabulous experience for you and your guest


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Areas of Expertise

Weddings, Special Events, Multi-Ethnic Traditions, Vow Renewals, Elopements

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    • JunePlumm Events

    Ohh man! JunePlumm Events is amazing and Camille is awesome. I was the bride who always thought that I could plan my wedding on my own. But after a few months I realized i was terribly wrong. I finally (stalked her Instagram for a while) booked Camille for partial planning and it was THE BEST decision I ever made. Even though she was booked for partial planning you wouldn’t know that she wasn’t my FULL service wedding planner. She answered every call, text, and DM no matter the time or day. We were able to bounce ideas off of each other and she definitely let me know when something wasn’t working. She understood my concerns, calmed my nerves and helped me plan MY DREAM Wedding. I could never thank her enough for being the BEST wedding planner ever. I would book her over and over again no matter what event I’m planning. She not only was an excellent wedding planner…she became my friend. THANK YOU SO MUCH CAMILLE!

    Value 100 / Responsiveness 100 / Professionalism 100 / Creativity 100
    Shaunice, 11/17/2017

    When someone says to you, “get a planner”, don’t roll your eyes. Listen, I have a hard time relinquishing control of my life to anyone. So although I knew Camille of @juneplummevents as a friend, it took me a little to let go and let her do her thing. I asked for acrylics. I thought I wanted acrylic invites but Camille oh so gently reminded me of how high my chest was, aka, yuh taste expensive, and kept me grounded. We compromised and came up with the most beautiful, simple but elegant invite I could have even imagined, compliments of @lepenndesigns. But look at my KL acrylic placeholders. That’s what a competent planner delivers. I cannot tell you how relaxed this journey of planning has been for me. I have been asked over and over if I was stressed, up until the moment and I said no because Camille competently handled everything like the BOSS she is. Make no mistake, this isn’t a game. The wedding industry is a business and she knows her stuff!!!! Even my husband raved to everyone about her. She put him at ease and allowed him to be his best self which for lack of a better word is…..frugal. I was never told, “you can’t afford that” or “you don’t have enough in your budget for that”. Things simply appeared that put a smile on my face. So I want to lift up my imaginary glass to toast and thank Ms. Camille Plummer of JunePlumm Events for making me the happiest bride in the world!!! You heard me!! You shared my vision from day one!! And you delivered

    Value 100 / Responsiveness 100 / Professionalism 100 / Creativity 100
    Kerryann, 06/08/2019

    Camille is truly an angel sent from heaven. I say this to say if you are planning a wedding BOOK HER ASAP!!! She brought my vision for my wedding day to life. She kept me level headed throughout the whole wedding planning process. Before booking camille I was all over the place literally with everything. When she stepped in the my first job as a bride was to BREATHEEE!! Lol. I was so stressed out but low and behold she was my superwoman in disguise. I didn’t think twice about booking her because I saw what she brought to the table and lets be real I needed help. To all upcoming brides that are contemplating a wedding planned please take heed to what I’m about to say. BOOK HER!

    Camille is super organized and shows up to every meeting. Whether it is a meeting at the venue, with the florist, photographer, engagement pics (You will want her there trust me!) etc. She is very responsive with emails, texts, and phone calls. If you are having a bride moment (mental breakdown), which I had many at 10 am or 11:30 pm she is right there coming to your rescue reminding you to BREATE, not to worry and that she has you. Let me tell you, she did live up to it. She absolutely had me from beginning to end. She does not hold back when it comes to telling your vendors this is what my bride wants and this is what she is going to get. After all, you are paying for your dream wedding so she makes sure you get what you want that is within your budget.

    Value 100 / Responsiveness 100 / Professionalism 100 / Creativity 100
    Adaria, 06/22/2019

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