Wedding: Ashley and Tremaine

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Tell me a little or a lot, lol, about the proposal!? Tremaine purchased VIP tickets to the Red Stick NYE event downtown. We got all dressed up and went to the event. It was freezing, but the food, live band, and VIP experience was amazing! When it was almost midnight, Tremaine asked me to leave the VIP tent and we walked over near the river to watch the fireworks. As soon as the clock struck 12 and the fireworks started, she got on her knee and proposed!

What do you love most about her? What Ashley loves about Tremaine: She is selfless… pretty much to a fault. She is loving, caring, and as sweet as pie though she doesn’t really show that side of herself to anyone else, but me. To the world, she is tough. To me, she is tender-loving mush! lol! She is intelligent and extremely talented! Singer… poet… amazing teacher with the stats to prove it! But most of all what I love about her is the fact that she loves me to her core. Relentlessly.

What do you love most about her? What Tremaine loves about Ashley: I love that she helps to make me the best version of myself. She challenges me while also providing a calming influence in my often-chaotic life. I love that she is completely oblivious to how beautiful and talented she is. She legitimately has no idea and in this world full of self-involved, over-inflated egos, she is a breath of fresh air.

What are you looking forward to most as a newlywed couple? Ashley: I’m looking forward to continuing our lives together and seeing us grow independently and as well as a unit. I’m also looking forward to starting our family… twins I hope. One pregnancy and DONE!

Tremaine: I’m looking forward to the cementing of our love and the excitement of facing each unknown with my best friend. I see us as old ladies on the porch in rocking chairs. She with a glass of white wine sangria and me with my signature cognac or whiskey. Regardless of the accouterment, the important thing is that we will be together gray-haired with grandbabies.