Weddings: Virtual Photoshoots by Reem Photography

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Vendor Team

Covid 19 has taken our industry by storm! Tons of weddings, events, and engagement sessions have been postponed. Kareem of Reem Photography has hit the world with a perfect solution. Through his virtual photoshoots he has been able to share joy from the safety of his own home! Let’s learn more about this genius idea below…

I would like to share some information on the Virtual Photoshoot sessions I have been offering this past week.   Due to everything that is happening in the world like many small businesses, mine was greatly impacted.  All of my weddings and photoshoots from the end of March to early June have been postponed. My wife and I thought of a very crazy idea (or so we thought) to still shoot some of our couples while we are in quarantine, and to our surprise everyone loved it! We called them via FaceTime and posed/directed them just like we do during in-person sessions and snapped away.  I then went back and edited the photos on my computer.  This gave us and our clients an experience that was like no other.  We were able to connect and enjoy the few minutes we had with people that we haven’t been able to do these past few weeks.  Some of our couples shared that “it was the best 10 minutes during their time in quarantine”, or that the virtual photoshoot felt like a mini date night. Since sharing this on social media we have had over 450 appointments.  This was solely intended to spread positivity and because of that our Virtual Photoshoot sessions are completely free.  

Kareem Virgo